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Fegno's way to do it.
Akhil A Pillai

How Fegno does it?

When it comes to providing a solution or service for the digital demands of the modern age, we bear all the experience, skills and talents

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Personal branding to build confidence
Monica CR

Personal Branding

Living just for the sake of survival and on the other hand, living to make a mark in the world are two entirely different things

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Demonstrating Lean Startup as a great way to start new business
Stuart Paul


The aim to shorten product development cycles and discover the proposed business model quickly is the theme of lean startup. It is a methodology of

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To show the neural networks to show similarity with neuromarketing.
Subodhitha R

Neuromarketing in E-Commerce

Here marketing meets evidence-based science. It was found that the subconscious brain has a major role in a buyer’s approach to a kind of product. By understanding how the human brain processes various advertising and marketing strategies, many neuromarketing strategies have been implemented.

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