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DinePad is the perfect tool for food and beverages industries to provide customers with an attractive digital menu by scanning a QR code placed on the top of your dinning table just like that! Amplify your reach, inspire your audience, cut costs and save time all by using this single tool.

Now take your mobile out, and scan the QR code at your dine, and DinePad will provide you the most presentable and fantasy menu before you! With all the information you want!

flavouring your taste buds.

dinepad as a solution

  • No need for passing around greasy paper menus.
  • Start your digital business with your brand name.
  • Never run out of menus with your smartphone.
  • Update Information in restaurant menu, cafe menu instantly.
  • Change price, add products to menu from a user-friendly dashboard
  • We provide you the full technical support
Service We Deliver

Preparing for your success

We collect and analyze data that generates insights from your restaurant menu, cafe menu to improve your business efficiency and profitability.

Release :

We can onboard our clients to the platform within 10 days from the date of work.

Initiatives from Client Side

1. Product Images
2. Product Details


1. Android App Permissions
2. iOS App Permissions

Simple & Effective

Success Process

  • 1. Requirements Collection
  • Products Analysis
  • Weightage Collection
  • Product & Stock Import
  • Design Customizations
  • Features Customization
  • Staging Release
  • Quality Analysis
  • Production Release
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