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warehouse managment at your fingertips!

Our WMS solution can track, organize and manage all kinds of warehouse procedures from stock managment to transportation under a single application. For organizations that suffer from the burden of spending thousands of dollars on hiring extra manpower for managing their warehouse, our solution can not only provide a complete managing solution but also provide a complete analytical report based on the activities executed within a specific time limit.

The ultimate enterprise solution

WMS for your business?

  • A customized super-admin dashboard to track and monitor every aspect of a business’s warehouse managment.
  • Convenient UI characterization has the leverage over minimal uncertainty when it comes to UX.
  • Analytical representation of stock-specific data which can be viewed systematically.
  • Live updates of the registered issue\’s will be sent as push notifications to super-admin.



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Release :

We can onboard our clients to the platform within 10 days from the date of work.

Initiatives from Client Side

1. Brand Details
2. Product Details
3. Category Details
3. Employee Details


1. Android App Permissions
2. iOS App Permissions

Simple & Effective

Success Process

  • Requirements Collection
  • Products Analysis
  • Weightage Collection
  • Product & Stock Import
  • Design Customizations
  • Features Customization
  • Staging Release
  • Quality Analysis
  • Production Release


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