Design For The Users – Explained

In this blog, I will be demonstrating how to build an ultimate user experience in just a few proven trails.


The first thing you should keep in mind while starting a design is that it should be user friendly, then only the users will be satisfied, entertained and engaged with your design outcome.


Designing the perfect solution can’t be achieved in a single step. It involves a lot of research, brainstorming, testing and modification. Design thinking is a user-centred approach to understand the user pain points for creating the perfect solution for the user.


Here Are The Five Major Steps You Should Follow For Delivering The Ultimate User Experience.

  • Empathize:
    Every product we design has a different user group. So the priority is to understand the users, their needs, how they feel, and how they think…. Conducting user experience research is the best solution to collect all this data. You can start by conducting user interviews, surveys, observation sessions and any kind of research method based on the targeted user group you need. After conducting all this research’s we’ll have a lot of research data under our disposal, the next step is to finalize the user pain points using these data.
  • Conclusion:
    Creating an ultimate User-friendly design depends on how you define your design. Every decision that you make from colour to icons should depend on what your user group would find interactive, which is why following these steps can give you a basic idea of how to formulate a design pattern with user experience unique to yourself.
  • Define:
    Once we have all the research data we need to define the common problems or pain points that our users face. Grouping the users who have similar pain points will help us to create user groups and at the end, we’ll have a list of problems or pain points we need to solve.
  • Ideation:
    Our next goal is to create the solutions for the pain points we listed in the last step. Start brainstorming for the solution with your team. During this phase, you may find one or more solutions for a single problem, find as many solutions that you can find, and select the most simple and user-friendly solution from a list of solutions. Always keep in mind that the usability of the solution is more important.
  • Prototype:
    When we have the solution for the user problems it’s time to create a prototype of our product. A prototype is an early model of a product that demonstrates its functionality. It represents the final look and feel of the product so that during the prototyping phase you can implement your designing skills to improve the look and feel of the product. However, always create a wireframe for the product you are designing, before you start high fidelity design.
  • Test:
    Once we have completed the prototype phase it’s time to test the app with the user group. The prototype will render the proper look and feel of the product to the users. Also, make sure to collect feedback from the users regarding the usability of the app and make sure that it solves the listed user pain points. Using the feedbacks collected from the users we can modify the design as many times until it matures to the perfect solution for an outstanding user experience.

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