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Increase sales with B2B eCommerce for the home furnishings

According to Statista, the total revenue of the furniture and appliance eCommerce market amounted to $258 billion worldwide and is projected to reach $394 billion in 2022, representing a huge opportunity for the sector. This potential doesn’t just apply to B2C sales! With increasing numbers of millennials involved in B2B purchases (according to recent research, 73%) and their desire to research and purchase online, B2B furniture eCommerce is increasingly important and offers a real opportunity to increase sales.

When choosing a B2B eCommerce software solution, it is important for companies within the furniture industry to consider some of the industry-specific requirements. We understand the sector and we have built the necessary functionality into our B2B platform.

With Our Furniture Ecommerce, You Can

Virtually experience the key functions of the distinctive features of our
furniture eCommerce platform and easily attract buyers.

Fully Loaded with Furniture For Ecommerce Features

Admin gets the complete ownership of the furniture eCommerce platform and can accept or reject users as per the regulations the platform follows.

Every single vendor will get an individual dashboard through which they can get to know how far their business is proceeding and what steps need to be taken.

Each buyer can have a separate account through which they can view all their orders and payment transactions done so far and can use them to repeat their orders with the furniture platform

The loading speed of our furniture ecommerce platform is very fast and it obviously reduces abandoned carts and gives easy recovery.

Get a recurring payment through the subscription revenue model and get hold of your buyers and sellers by making them subscribe to your product features and enjoy the service rendered by your furniture marketplace.


Improve Sales Productive with Product Catalog & Import

Streamline your product display by getting them aligned through their catalog configuration and make it simple for your buyers to find the exact product in your furniture marketplace.

Simplify the product addition process and save sellers’ time and support them in increasing their productivity by offering bulk product management through your dedicated furniture platform

Arrange your products in a better way that will let your buyers easily identify them. This will increase your conversion and will get you better returns.

Easily insert product catalogs and arrange your products according to the categories and make it easily available to the buyer when they search the product in your furniture ecommerce platform.

Allow your sellers to add unlimited products to their product page through the scalable furniture marketplace platform and delight them by supporting their product uploads.

Payments & Checkout Made Easy

The hassle-free checkout feature is the key aspect of our furniture ecommerce software. Buyers can proceed their checkout with a few clicks.

We have enhanced our payment processing by offering e-wallets to our customers and facilitating their payment transactions in a simplified way.

Our furniture marketplace platform is well-integrated with secured payment gateways that are popular in the market. Users can have a secured payment transaction without worrying about any security threats.

Allow customers to have split payment methods while paying for the product in your online furniture store.

Get a recurring payment through the subscription revenue model and get hold of your buyers and sellers by making them subscribe to your product features and enjoy the service rendered by your furniture marketplace.


Measure & Improve Efficiency

Have a clear insight about the entire functioning of the furniture platform through an advanced analytics dashboard and monitor the sales, revenue, and inventory from anywhere, anytime.

Get hold of multiple reports that give a detailed view of your business performance and can also support you in taking necessary measures to leverage your business.

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