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Fegno Technologies is the best Progressive Web App Development Company in Kochi, Kerala. A Progressive Web Application is the future. Everyone with a smartphone or smart device uses mobile applications for personal convenience. PWA is a solution that can save a webpage as an application on your phone without taking too much space.

progressive web app development company

Re-Structuring Experience

Being the best Progressive Web App Development Company, we believe everything is unique, and bringing uniqueness to technology can be challenging but exhilarating. Combining the right tech stacks with proper guidance is the best way to make your idea as exceptional as possible. 


Choosing The Right Platform

Every idea needs an appropriate platform, which is why we use our years of experience, market trends, and tech stacks to provide you with the best solution out there.


Planning Ahead

Living in a world where everything is changing within the blink of your eye, getting outdated is a matter of concern. Keeping your solution updated is where we excel at.

PWA Features


Service Worker

With the help of service workers, your PWA works in offline and background mode leading to improved productivity


Native App-Like

With PWAs, the boundaries between native and web are merged. The look and feel no different from a native App


Improved performance

PWA speed and performance are similar to native apps, in some cases better than native apps


High User Engagement

With all the benefits listed above, your business will benefit from an increased user engagement


Cross-platform Compatible

With PWA, you write code once, deploy anywhere-everywhere to avail cross-platform support



Since PWA is served over HTTPS, they offer the same security like native apps

PWAs are revolutionizing business around the world

We are one of the leading PWA development companies, and we never are the sole patrons of the PWA power. Many businesses witnessed a stark rise in their revenue due to tremendous conversion rates after PWA inclusion.


The commutation booking app loads in less than 3 seconds on a 2G network.


The app witnessed an 80% rise in conversions.


The dating app now loads in 4.69 seconds as opposed to 11.91 seconds earlier.


Twitter Lite lead twitter to 65% increase in pages per session & 20% decrease in bounce rate.


The hotel booking app was installed by 150% more people on the home screen.


The PWA of this classified app has got the business a 25% increase in engagement.

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Fegno technologies is a PWA development company in Kochi. Using state-of-the-art technology and with a global presence, we provide applications that are way ahead of their time.

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