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DinePad is the perfect tool for food and beverages industries to provide customers with an attractive digital menu by scanning a QR code placed on the top of your dinning table just like that! Amplify your reach, inspire your audience, cut costs and save time all by using this single tool.

Now take your mobile out, and scan the QR code at your dine, and DinePad will provide you the most presentable and fantasy menu before you! With all the information you want!


  • Guest bookings
  • Guest details
  • Point of sale
  • Telephony
  • Restaurant Management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Banquets
  • Event Management
  • Accounts receivable
  • And many more features
Flavoring Your Taste Buds.

Dinepad As A Solution

  • No need for passing around greasy paper menus.
  • Start your digital business with your brand name.
  • Never run out of menus with your smartphone.
  • Update Information in restaurant menu, cafe menu instantly.
  • Change price, add products to menu from a user-friendly dashboard
  • We provide you the full technical support


  • We built the first phase of the project successfully in a restaurant at kolenchery, named Crunchyz Spot.



Customer Application

  • Customer should be able to view the menu by scanning QR code on the table or by entering into the website provided and enter table-code provided.
  • Customer should be able to request for water or other amenities or ask for checkout.
  • Customer should be able to order from the dished provided.
  • Customer should be able to add a note with the order
  • Customer should be able to order again even after first order placed. The second order should be added to the same order id.
  • Customers can pay by online payment method or by cash which is confirmed by the administrator and In case of hotel inmates, we can do payment in the time of checkout.
  • Customer should be able to write feedback of their experience in a minimal format, with provision to rate service, ambience, food quality, etc.
  • Customer should be able to register complaint if needed by including customer contact details.

Vendor Application

This is the portal through which the restaurant can manage and monitor the day to day activities.
The main modules in this portal are:

  • Menu Management
  • Table/Room Number Management
  • Option to add products and it’s variants like spicy, salty etc..
  • Feedback Management
  • Order Management
  • Provision to easily change price, stocks and apply discounts to dishes
  • Highlight important details like active orders, cancelled orders, feedbacks/complaints.
  • Data Analytics with reports

Order Status

Order Status

  • QR Scanned
  • Order Received
  • Order Confirmed
  • Order Cancelled
  • Order Received
  • Additional Order Made
  • Additional Order Received
  • Payment Received
  • Order Completed

Bill Generation

  • Provision to apply tax rates, discounts and offers to the bill.
What we need

To Prepare Your Success

Delivering success using the best technology known to humankind.

warehouse management system solutions in kochi
What we need

To Prepare Your Success

Delivering success using the best technology known to humankind.

Initiatives From Client Side

1. Product Images
2. Product Details


1. Android App Permissions
2. iOS App Permissions

Release :

We can onboard our clients to the platform within 10 days from the date of work.

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