Online commercial truck booking platform

TBQ is a private Delivery Solution focusing on Qatar, is a unique mobile service application that is all set to optimize the latent potential for business opportunities existing in the Other Than Cab transportation sector in Qatar. The concept of the project was well defined with business logic. They need a technical partner with proper communication and cutting edge expertise in technologies, and we met.

The propaganda behind developing such a complex Fleet managment system was to make sure that there was proper communication between the user, driver and operator simultaneously. Due to this factor, our developers spent a lot of time under investigation for comprehending such a delicate system into production.

The basic idea behind TBQ was a simple yet complex truck booking system convenient for all kinds of users. Our UI/UX designers went a little bit ahead to prototype an interface plain as well as interactive for the end-user, the vibrant black and yellow theme was a result of this.

However, TBQ operates under a complex mechanism and simulating it towards a digital platform is where the real challenge extended. To overcome this challenge both UI/UX and the Development team listed out possible features and enigmas that may arise during development and testing, thus procuring the perfect Fleet management solution known as Truck Bookers


  • TruckBookers app provides realtime tracking of the truck, providing full transparency regarding the location among customer and agency.
  • Operators are provided with a Lightweight custom admin interface which provides an effective dashboard to visualize the KPI and other strategic data for Operator at a glance.
  • System supports live booking as well as facilitate scheduling of trips so that customer has full freedom over the delivery time.
  • The system facilitates automated invoice generation with customer approval for quick and effective communication.



March 21, 2020