Who Will Control the Future?

Advancements in technology have led to revolutionize the way we hear, see, move, in this world. And the way technology is changing the world, it is hard to comprehend the progression. The direction to which it has been leading us is still unknown. So, the question of who or what will take control of the future is something to be pondered upon. Large volumes of data are used daily, which is next to immeasurable, all these data are used for Computation, Storage and Presentation throughout the world. According to the statistics about three-quarters of Facebook users visit the site daily. Which is around 2.8 billion users monthly. It’s just an example of the amount of data coming in and going out of the connected networks and systems. Going into the depths the recipe to who will control the world? lies with the person or organization that will be able to cover 3 main areas at large, which are mainly Computation, Storage, and Presentation.


  • Programming: It is a chain of command fed to the computer telling it what to do. They are user-defined and are solely created to perform a set of tasks to achieve a specific computing result. black
  • Machine Learning: It is a study of computer algorithms in which input and outputs data of previous research, evaluation, programs, etc. are fed so that the algorithm starts learning and improving for the future tasks to come. The algorithm creates training data based on sample data for making predictions and decisions without being taught to do so.
  • Artificial Intelligence: It can be called the next level of machine learning. It is something that can mimic human cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving. Just like a human learns from his faults AI uses every previous experience for modifications in the future with better precision than humans.                                                                                                           


  • Hard Disk: They are physical devices used to store and retrieve data whenever needed.
  • Big Data: They are data that are too complex and large to be dealt with by conventional data-processing application software. A software-defined file system in Big Data can be given through an example, consider that thousands of computers are interconnected over the internet and a million line program is written to virtually connect all of them, then any random one of the computers can be called “Master” which will work for you. While in a Software designed computing system the “Master Computer” is told to save a file, the master computer will save it by splitting the files and distributing them to other client computers, whenever the file is called, the Master assembles all the files from other stored locations in computers quickly, and returns the file, so a lot of time is saved.
  • BlockChain: It has a decentralized storage approach. If a billion lines of code is written, the script is always running in many computers, named agents across the globe. Once it gets working, if there is a document or text agreement, while uploading into this system, random multiple agents which are online will verify its genuineness. And if valid they are added to the segment of the legal document or transactions. Decentralized Blockchain allows individual transactions to have their own proof of validity 


  • Web Applications: The conventional web applications are those in which a set of files and documents in a presentable manner gets stored on a PC connected to the internet. The data can be accessed from anywhere around the world if the IP address is known.
  • Gadgets: Gadgets like smartphones, tabs, etc. are presentation platforms in which data from online sources are displayed in a better and presentable manner, as the gadget itself has its version of the online site or platform, which is optimised to work on it.
  • Augmented Reality(AR): It is a enhanced version of our real physical world through which we can see, hear, and sense via technology, to enhance one’s experience. An Augmented Reality is different from virtual reality because elements are added into the existing world as it is. AR can be a very powerful tool for learning in various fields where some practical study is hard to perform and understand, like the healthcare sector.

Future Control By The Birth And Rebirth Of Artificial Intelligence(AI):


 It is Indeed a fascinating fact that when an organism is born, it has some inane abilities for survival like in the case of a human child, as soon as it’s born, it starts to breathe, cry, listen, etc. without anyone telling it what to do. But an AI needs all the information to perform its tasks. But, what if an AI can be resurrected if it somehow breaks or dies like in the movie ‘CHAPPY’? 

That would be cool, and it could give a clear edge over Humans or any life forms on earth. The theory of rebirth is possible if decentralized data storage is used to back up each and every AI system, and every new AI system could sync from it and start from there. And then decentralized AI could act as an assistant to everyone and interact in the real world.

Taking all these elements and factors into consideration, the question that who will control the future is a bit complicated to answer because the answer lies in the fusion of all the above-said prospects. Being a bit more precise one who holds the future will have ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, BLOCKCHAIN, and AUGMENTED REALITY at his disposal to control the world.

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