Neuromarketing in E-Commerce

E-Commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, etc. are known for their successful marketing strategies, luring buyers into buying various products by creating an urge or necessity to buy a type of product or products while buying in e-commerce websites through neuromarketing. These products may or may not be essential, but they still end up buying them nevertheless..

The reason behind this kind of buying is the result of vast studies conducted on the way a human brain responds to different marketing stimuli. The brain responses are recorded using various non-invasive methods like Electroencephalography (EEG), Magnetoencephalography (MEG), Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), electrodermal response measures, ball tracking, and other technologies.

Neuromarketing Strategies:

Here marketing meets evidence-based science. It was found that the subconscious brain had a major role in a buyer’s approach to a kind of product. By understanding how the human brain processes various advertising and marketing strategies, many neuromarketing strategies have been implemented such as:


Conjure Emotions With Colours 

Targeting the buyer’s subconscious desires using colours as a trigger is an important marketing strategy. The buyers are captivated by the colour schemes compelling them to take action. The e-commerce websites use this strategy to lure the customers into viewing there products a bit more longer than usual.

Tap The Pain Points

The potential customer is made to believe how his pain points can be reduced by buying a particular product and how it could make his life more enjoyable is another strategy. Thus by convincing the customer that their pain points will be reduced while increasing their comfort levels.

Take Advantage Of Scarcity

It is a common technique used in almost every E-Commerce site by showing the limited availability of a product, though it’s available in plentiful. This evokes an urgency in the buyer to buy them more quickly. The buyer thus wastes no time in buying the product.

Create A Sense Of Urgency

Creating an urgency to buy a kind of product makes it sell even faster. E-Commerce sites come up with events like limited-time sales, festival sales, season-end sales, these are a period within which the products up for sale have more discounts than usual. This makes the buyers even more desirable to purchase.

Social Proof

Displaying positive reviews, and endorsements on products and sites reinforces social proof for the visitors and buyers. They get a feeling that the given product is genuine and can be bought with guaranteed results.

Incorporating Neuromarketing in E-Commerce benefits the marketers that include more efficient and effective marketing strategies, fewer campaigns, lesser product failures, and also manipulation of the exact needs and wants of people to suit the wants and needs of the marketers.

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