Digital Marketing — What? Why? & How?

Digital Marketing is all about marketing using Digital media as a medium.

Digital medium includes SEO, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Website, Pay-Per-Click

Before using any channels for marketing, we must have a clear understanding of Marketing. First, we should understand the basics of Marketing before using digital media as a source.

Without a proper understanding of marketing and marketing using digital media, we might not get the desired results leading to failure. 

Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. It is not only confined to selling products or services but also to creating brand awareness for capturing the minds of the consumers.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is the segmentation of homogeneous groups based on location, behaviour, demographics, etc. that needed more effort and was done manually.

In the digital world, customers are connected digitally. As told earlier, the main difference between traditional and digital marketing is the medium. Traditional marketing uses mediums like magazines, newspapers, etc. In contrast, digital marketing uses digital media such as social media & websites. 

In digital marketing, we use online platforms to promote products and services. Traditional marketing is more impactful, permanent, and memorable, but it is expensive and difficult to measure the campaigns while having no direct interactions with the customers.

In digital marketing, it is easy for marketers to find their targeted customers considering all the factors. The role of marketing in society is to assist organizations in determining “what to make” to help people fulfill their needs and wants.

Which One Or How To Choose A Better Strategy That Would Work Best?

We need to plan winning strategies for our business and choose the right one that will win between traditional and digital marketing.

However, it depends on various factors. Today, new channels, platforms, and tools are emerging. Even though the recipients of marketing haven’t changed that much, what has changed is that today’s customers have the entire world at their fingertips.

Both media has their value, so can’t undervalue the traditional medium.

The great thing we have to keep is the right balance between traditional and digital media.

CATT Marketing: Increase Your Business

CATT Marketing Funnel- a way to increase your business growth.

CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction.

This marketing funnel helps to analyze and describe the impact and how our products or services are working in the Internet world.

Using CATT funnel marketing, we can build the mass trust of customers with the help of digital marketing. 

The formula of the CATT Marketing funnel: Wealth= n^CATT

The results we gather are highly dependent on the type of niche you select and work on according to the CATT framework to grow significantly.

Content – It is the core component. The content must be accurate, and it must solve the user’s problem. Good quality content will help to get more attention, and it will allow us to build trust. The contents can be in any form- blogs, youtube videos, posters, podcasts, etc.

Attention– After creating the content, the next step is to bring the attention of the target customers to the content. Consider choosing both organic and paid traffic. You can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads for paid traffic. SEO is the way to get organic traffic to our content.

Trust– You have to build trust to generate leads. This can be done by increasing engagements using social profiles.

Transaction– The final procedure is to sell our products and services. Now people trust us, so the next move is to convert them into buyers. For this, persuade the leads through different channels [ webinars, sales videos, events]. Promote your products and services to make them buy your products and services


CATT funnel is based on your niche. First of all, you should have to find the proper niche. For that, you must be passionate, have the talent and there should be market requirements for your passion and skill.

Today is a world where online meets the offline with increased competition, technology and changes in the mode of communication. So it is important to build your digital presence.

While deciding the marketing plans that work best for us, the important factor is that make a better understanding of your product or brand, targeted audience, available channels, and understand how each strategy would perfectly work together to fulfil the desired outcome. Always keep the doors open for both traditional and digital marketing.

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