State-Of-The-Art UI UX Designing Company

Why Fegno is the State-Of-The-Art UI UX Designing Company? Because everything that we see in this world is a design crafted in itself, and our team of creative designers portray astonishing designs inspired by real-life encounters. We believe that designing is a form of art where the designer is nothing less than a God. Designers at Fegno scrutinize every aspect of the mockup and sculpt it to its glory, thus creating a visual feast for your eyes.


1. Strategy Workshop

Bringing Alignment

Either creating a completely new product from scratch or revamping current experience, we work as UI UX consultants having a collaborative approach involving key stakeholders to urge everybody’s knowledge and understanding of the project. The business needs and end-user persona can be aligned in these terms.

2. Defining User Persona​

Knowing the users' first

We concoct detailed user personas to define your audiences for a better understanding as we believe it to be a crucial responsibility for a reputed UI UX company like us. We do further qualitative and quantitative analysis and research to design the outcome.


3. Empathy Mapping

Understanding the user's emotions

Empathy mapping has many benefits. It removes bias and aligns the team to a similar understanding of the user’s empathy and the way they hear, see, or listen. It lets us evolve our research, uncovering needs that the users might be unaware of, behaviour and the aspects that drive them, which in conclusion guides us to know what a user feels or thinks, and the way a user responds to different scenarios.

4. Competitor Landscape analysis

Identifying what's and what nots

Identifying the competition is important which helps us in defining both the defensive and offensive strategies to identify the threats as well as opportunities. We identify the potential competitors and their target customers, understand their key patterns and abilities and chart their performances. We derive their vital proficiencies and rate each of them and thus plan our next move in UI UX product design planning.


5. Architecting Information

Divergence to Convergence

The architecture of information helps us in creating for perfecting findability and usability thus reducing costly redesigns. This is the reason why Information Architecture(IA) plays a giant role in UI UX designing company services, thus helping us focus on structuring, organizing and effective labelling of content so that users find complete intended tasks and information.

6. Low fidelity/high fidelity Wireframe

Screen and flow detailing

Furthermore, we transform these prototypes into credible wireframes, allowing us to detail the screens in their exact shape and elegance. Besides, we build a click-through prototype to specify the process that becomes the only reference for our visual design experts. This is an essential step that helps in showing a possible outcome through our web design.


7. User Testing within a uI UX designing Company

Workflow Analysis and usecase Testing

An essential part of the UX design process, User testing helps in evaluating a product by researching it with your recruited representative users. This is done either by one-to-one interviews by our qualified UX researcher. this enables us to gain our users’ behaviour patterns, opinions and preferences and use this feedback to implement a more successful product.

8. Defining UI Guidelines

The guide sheet for developers

What comes next is to make the interface appear pleasing to the eyes as well as flawlessly functional using colour palette, call-to-action buttons, typography, icons and possibly every component of a user interface. With a streamlined flow, it becomes more productive and less burden for the designers . This is how we design your web and mobile applications, with care.







All the magic for perfection happens here.