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How Fegno does it?

When it comes to providing a solution or service for the digital demands of the modern age, we bear all the experience, skills and talents to ensure that a precise and perfect answer to the client’s requirements gets provided.
FEGNO has all that it takes to execute a project most diligently after extensive preparation and planning.

Marketing Us:

We market the products and services that we provide through various verified and valid sales channels and media. The clients looking for similar expertise for their project get in contact with us. From there, we communicate the interests, scope and needs of the client.

Fegno’s Approach Towards The Client:

For us, a client is of utmost value, which is why we take every client with equal importance as no work is big or small to us. All that matters is our execution towards the deployment of the finished product and the client’s satisfaction.

fegnos approach towards the client

Requirement Gathering:

The way we interact with the client to bring out the best possible idea for the project implementation is the merit that we pride ourselves on. After all, it is the attention to even the minute details that separate an ordinary work from an exceptional one. Thus all the requirements for the project to move smoothly are gathered from the clients

requirement gathering

Team Discussion:

We build a team for the project that covers every section required for the implementation of the project. The team of FEGNO thus formed are the best for the job, covering every nook and corner of developing the best-required outcome. We discuss all the aspects and dimensions of the projects, planning every move for the desired mode of action. Calculating every practicality, possibility, challenge, measure, etc.


What we pitch is never an over-exaggeration of what we do here. We display the prospects that we have achieved till now and the things we are capable of doing. FEGNO only leads but never misleads. We are duty-bound to make the client aware of the situations and mode of operation that we undertake so that there are no misunderstandings, over-estimations and under-estimations in the future.


We then send a detailed proposal about the project, which includes such as: 

  • The need for the solution that we provide.
  • The purpose of the solution.
  • The technologies that we use.
  • The problems that they are facing right now.
  • Ways that we look to undertake the entire project.
  • Our expertise for mitigating any kinds of problems that may arise during the project.
  • Our capability to understand the viewpoints and the needs of the client and plan accordingly.
  • To estimate the financial burden that the company will have to take from the start till the completion of the entire project.
  • The details of the pricing estimation accumulated from various departments involved in the project.
  • All clarifications regarding the terms and conditions of the business are shared with the client.

Discussion With The Client:

After the proposal is submitted by Fegno, the clients are invited for an open discussion. Here every aspect of the proposal is taken into consideration. The client’s satisfaction with the proposal is measured and if he/she is not satisfied or there need to be more add-ons, are noted down for further implementation.

discussion with the client

Agile Methodology:

Fegno uses an iterative development scheme where the requirements and solutions evolve by collaborating with the client, when and wherever required and possible. Enabling us to deliver the project at a fast pace with higher quality and predictability.

Fegno’s course of Development:

Using agile methodology project is carried out with all the needed suggestions and wants of the client so that no confusion is created whatsoever during the events. Precision and attention to detail are given in every aspect of the development phase so that nothing gets left out. The designers produce their best while designing the solutions for a perfect User Experience. The developers invent the best possible solution with the latest leading-edge technology and tools available.


The project once finished, is re-evaluated for any errors and issues that may become a headache in the future. No stone is left unturned as our quality check teams analyse every bit and inch of data to assure that the quality of the solution is on par with utmost effectiveness.

Our Prominent Solutions

Fegno provides inventive and futuristic solutions in the below-mentioned categories of departments, with quality and excellence, which are:

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