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Why do businesses need a Warehouse Management System?

A warehouse management system is software that automates a series of management processes right from the time the goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out.

Sitting at the centre of the manufacturing and supply chain, warehouses consist of raw materials to finished goods.

A cloud-based WMS ensures the handling and movement of goods through the warehouses in the most efficient, effective and cheapest way. It provides clarity on the location, quantity and transit of the organization’s inventory.

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Advantages Of Using Warehouse Management System:

Increased Productivity:

As manual labor is replaced with WMS, the productivity increases by multifold as more focus are given to streamlining additional factors that help in boosting productivity.

Increased Accuracy:

The situation gets chaotic when the physical inventory in the warehouse and the records do not tally. WMS keeps this issue at bay by achieving an inventory accuracy of 99.9% with its self-checking and cycle counting nature.

Reduced Labor Cost:

Labor costs are immediately reduced by eliminating manual data entry by virtue of automated data collection.

Error Reduction:

Data errors can cause anytime in a paper-based manual data entry environment. These errors get almost close to zero when it comes to Automation.

warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System By Fegno:

We are a team of experts who are the professionals in building the perfect solution for a warehouse management system with every functionality that the client demands and added features that we deem essential for the product.

Our developers, in association with the designers, etch out the finest application that has state-of-the-art features catering to both the dealers and the executives involved in the warehouse management system with an organized and lucid UI. 

The processes like order creation, storage, shipping, field visits, stock tracking, etc. can be done systematically without the erroneous human intervention more diligently and precisely. All data and scenarios get stored, which is further utilized to tackle any future issues that may pop up.

From the start of order punching to the end reports and analytics, the whole warehouse management flow can be digitally organized and the whole business can be fully monitored in real-time.

The flow becomes smooth, and the management of goods becomes effortless with our flawless web and application-based solution.

Facilities We Provide Through Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Design:

  • Enables customization of workflow and logic picking for the optimization of inventory allocation by organizations.

Inventory Tracking:

  •  Enables advanced tracking and automatic identification and data capture(AIDC) systems that include RFID and barcode scanners for the easy mobility of goods when needed to be moved.


  • It enables sending bills of lading(B/L) ahead of the shipment, generating invoices and packing lists for the shipment and hence allows transmitting advance shipment notifications to recipients.

Labour Management:

  • The key performance indicators (KPIs) come into play that indicates the efficiency of each worker, which helps the warehouse managers monitor workers’ performance.

Yard And Dock Management:

  • This management system allows the truck drivers coming into a warehouse to find the right loading docks.

Receiving And Putaway:

  • Pick-to-light or pick-to-voice technology is used to help warehouse workers locate goods.

Picking And Packing Goods:

  • Functions such as zone picking, wave picking, batch picking, lot zoning and task interleaving can be used by the warehouse workers to guide the pick-and-pack tasks in the most efficient way.


  • The performance of the warehouse operations can be analyzed, and the areas of improvement can be recognized and sorted out.

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