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what is joint application development

What Is Joint Application Development (JAD)?

Joint Application Development (JAD) is a methodology that has direct involvement of the client and end-user while designing and developing computer-based applications. The motive is to understand the ideal solution to be achieved. As per the business needs, the requirements are collected alongside developing the new information systems.  The JAD process enhances user participation, accelerating …

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digital marketing by fegno

Digital Marketing by Fegno

Digital Marketing is a necessity of today. A massive number of users around the globe use digital gadgets, and a majority of them are continuously online. Surfing on the web, apps, and other digital media, they are engaged in online activities that are recreational, entertaining, educational, official, or others. Deducing that a substantial category of the human …

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fegnos solution to every technological needs

How Fegno does it?

When it comes to providing a solution or service for the digital demands of the modern age, we bear all the experience, skills and talents to ensure that a precise and perfect answer to the client’s requirements gets provided.FEGNO has all that it takes to execute a project most diligently after extensive preparation and planning. …

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