what is conversion rate optimization cro

What is CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization)?

What is CRO?

In today’s world, online traffic being very inconsistent, if you are unable to convert your visitors into buyers in the first go, then the odds of them coming back and performing the desired action is quite slim, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) helps in converting the potential customers into buyers.

Unlike the erstwhile physical stores, the online platforms should convince a customer to buy the specific products or services by giving him a clear-cut proposition, and incentives and making him feel secure about the site and purchase.

In another way, for example, a potential customer surfing online comes across a banner ad, he then clicks on the ad and enters your site but leaves without buying anything. Thus, a business opportunity is lost. Here is where CRO comes in.

conversion rate optimization cro

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of understanding the requirements of your customers, users, and visitors and delivering what they need and compels the customer to take action hence raising the conversion rate of the number of visitors to buyers from your online platform. CRO campaigns are the best possible way to improve your chances and get more conversions done.
CRO saves time, effort, and money and helps in exploring new heights of growth strategies that were unknown in the past.

The next question that would arrive in your mind is, why should I use CRO? While I can get instant results by starting a paid campaign through a Digital Marketing agency which is easy to implement. The thing is, paid promotions have instant results but are short-lived and expensive. As soon as you stop your paid promotions, your visibility also gets reduced, thus reducing the orders and revenue.

CRO increases the desired actions of the customers per visit, which increases the orders, and the revenue goes up. For a CRO campaign to be successful, several in-depth data are utilized to analyze results, run various tests, modify content to make it relevant for the visitors, and draw necessary conclusions.

CRO has various Modules that when implemented properly, resolve the issues connected with the conversion of potential customers into buyers, which are:

what is cro
  • Qualitative Analysis: For gaining input from the users, surveys and polls need to be conducted, to provide a clear picture of what the customers want from an online site. Other methods include interviews, User Testing, User reviews, Social Media responses, etc.
  • Quantitative Analysis: Finding out the areas where the funnel customers are dropping off. Analyze patterns on the most visited pages and landing pages.
  • UI/UX Analysis: User Interface/Experience has vast importance when it comes to compelling a customer to buy something. The user should find the platform friendly and secure, along with the products and services. The user should be able to connect with the options provided by the platform. 
  • Behavioral Analysis: User behavior such as scrolling, clicking, reading posts, etc. are considered to be the common behavior of an online customer or user. Analyzing these behavior patterns helps to understand how a user acts inside an online store. 
  • Human Insights Analysis: Insights from various users and customers about a particular site, platform, or product may be used as data for CRO.
  • Growth Analysis: Daily, weekly, monthly, etc. data collected over time serves as a tool to monitor the Growth of the site. The growth patterns serve as a prediction of the platform’s future.
  • Technical Analysis: It involves gathering info on the performance of the online store, to see whether it is slow, glitchy, etc., and rectifying it.

Conversion Rate Optimization has become a mainstream effort bridging the gaps from the mapping of the website optimization to strategizing the ways and means for performance upgrades of site, boosting marketing results by conducting tests and evaluating results. From understanding the way customers think, use, and perceive their brands and offering to expose a huge range of data for shaping their future business strategies, CRO is a great tool for enhancing your brand’s online performance.

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